Lipo and BBL Go Well Together

Lipo and BBL

Two surgical plastic operations go very well in conjunction. It is a combination of conventional liposuction (lipo) and the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Do you want to reshape your body fully? The result of combining lipo and BBL is a transformation of your figure that will make you incredibly happy.

Consider getting less fat residues taken from areas you don’t want to be removed during the lipo process, such as the waist, upper arms, hips, back, and thighs. Slimmer and more svelte. The fat is then moved to a region where you do, the buttocks, in the BBL procedure. You’ll have the booty of your imagination, as well as a body with just the right dimensions. Let’s take more info on why lip and BBL go hand in hand in two great cosmetic operations.

The Timing Is Right For Both Lipo and BBL 

All the excess fat in a lipo operation done by a qualified plastic surgeon needs time during complete sculpting of the body. Therefore, it is only reasonable to concentrate a little more time on your buttocks to make it the exact form you want to take. Consider that as a kind of “backside increase.” However, your buttocks should be strengthened with your fat rather than using saline, as we do with breast implants. The form and attractive silhouettes you are longing for are a far more normal approach. Perhaps there will be no squats in the limited period that a BBL operation will take you there. It makes perfect sense for the whole of the body to get the lipo and BBL done together.

It’s Advanced Technology

The ancient butt lift was formerly a more complex operation. Today is so much better due to advancements in lipo and BBL technologies. The closed-loop method is completed. Quite simply, the fat taken from somewhere in the body is essentially recycled with the same tubes in the opposite direction.

The fat is not exposed to air during a closed-loop device, so it does not need to be removed and placed in separate syringes. In five to ten minutes, fat goes straight into the potato zone, which is an incredible advance. Lipo and BBL must have simultaneous normal accompanying procedures.

Don’t Worry About Losing Buttocks Volume

Because the fat extracted is not exposed to sunlight, the preservation rate would be higher. In previous treatments, the volume of the buttocks will often drop after a certain time. The positive result of the newer Lipo and BBL therapies is that the procedure’s “take score” is just above 90%. Your fresh, voluptuous back will continue to look bootylicious in Beyonce’s famous terms.

Are you about to find out what Lipo and BBL will do to your figure exactly? The best way to get the form and figure you’ll be pumped about is by seeing them together.